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In beginnings of development, I did aim at a maze game. But the result is Complete different one.


Control the green ball and reach the goal.

In the screen, you can't see the whole of stage. Only surroundings of ball are displayed.


In immediately after start, screen shows no objects. 

2.Click the screen

Click the screen and start the game. When the game was started, a green ball and some of blocks were drawn in the screen.

Ball Block


Control the ball with mouse. The ball advances toward the direction with the mouse. 

If you click the screen, the game are stopped. And the next click, the game is restarted at the start in current stage.

4.Collision with blocks

If you collision with blocks, the game fails. Click screen and replay at the first stage.


A stage has one goal.


The green ball touches this block, stage is cleared. Click the screen and goes to next stage.


Run this Applet.


System requirement

 Java2 Runtime Environment, Standard Edition (build 1.5.0_10-b03)


In this game, there are 7 stages. If you clear all stages, you return to first stage.

The event generated in the game is displayed in the status bar as a message.

This applet doesn't have so meny error handler. So if an error was occurred, please give up to play this game.