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In relation to word "Solitaire", I recall a game that is attached to Windows. However, it seems not to be limited that it is so.


In the screen, some panel are queued up. Move and erase panels. And when all panels are deleted except for only one panels, this game is clear.

One panel can jump over an other panel. And the panel that were jumped over is deleted.

In above figure, there is no panel in a right space. If you click a left panel, that dents.

Above picture shows that the left panel was selected. In this state, if you clieck a right space, the left panel moves to the right space and the center is deleted.

If you can't move any panels, click the "Clear" button. The game was restart.

When a panel is move, the "Score" is incremented. But same panel is moved continuity, "Score" is not added.


Run this applet


System requirement

@Java2 Runtime Environment, Standard Edition (build 1.5.0_10-b03)