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Visit the Web site of the bj 구인구직 Civil Service Commission to find job announcements in state, county, and municipal governments. If you are responding to a job announcement, send your application/resume to the address listed on the Job ad. Apply online first, and your application can take up to 24-72 business hours before being reviewed — however, you will hear back from Simply Ride, since our policy is to respond to all applications.

Applicants should have prior sales experience in the car, motorcycle, or powersports industry. Experience working at a multi-line dealership; powersports, automobile, or power gear experience will be considered. It is also helpful to already have experience working at a bike shop.

The more knowledgeable you are about the internals of motorcycles, the easier it is to get hired. You should take some training in-house, and knowing how to operate the bike is a bonus. You also need to have work experience in the world of motorcycle/auto mechanics, so that you can impart your knowledge on your students.

A high school diploma will land you a decent teaching job, but if you want to truly market yourself, you need to attend a motorcycle mechanics apprenticeship program. If you do not know how to ride a motorcycle, but are still interested in working at something like that, you will have to buy a motorcycle right away and ride for several years, because that is what is required. If you do not have your own motorcycle license, you will need to get one since this is required to work in this job. A certification to maintain a motorcycle is not required in every state, but you will want to check the requirements of your state before starting your job search.

This is where you want to up your game, and take some classes on areas such as microcomputers, motorcycle maintenance (naturally), suspension, and engines. In this job, you will sell motorcycles to customers interested in buying them, and/or learning more about them.

At first, bike mechanics earn about $27,000 per year, but you can earn close to $44,000 once you gain more experience. Some motorcycle mechanics work at body shops, and others at dealerships. Motorcycle parts specialists usually work in the dealerships, helping customers locate particular parts. These associates are capable of thinking on their feet and providing excellent customer service.

Motorcycle Parts Associates understand the details that go into making a bike go. A motorcycle mechanic works on smaller engines, checks the state of tires, inspects motorcycle frames and other smaller vehicles, and fixes problems in vehicles. Mobile motorcycle mechanics are focused on getting your motorcycle back on the road as fast and as efficiently as possible.

The demand for motorcycle mechanics is expected to grow a bit over the coming year. You could even work at a call center for a major motorcycle company, providing troubleshooting and help for dealerships who cannot come up with solutions for their motorcycle problems. As an industrial engineer, you could work for a major motorcycle company and participate in designing machines that actually manufacture motorcycles and motorcycle parts, and participate in processes throughout the entire factory itself, and increase quality and production.

If you have your own shop, or if you are working at a big motorcycle maker, generally, you are going to earn more. If you get a job in an established neighborhood, you also have a better chance of succeeding as a motorcycle mechanic. You will find various part-time positions located either on-campus or in easy commuter range. This position is full-time, 40 hours per week, with a 1-hour lunch break and 2-day weekends.

Responsibilities can include assembling and maintaining parts inventories, as well as suggesting parts for customers. These candidates should possess an excellent customer service record and knowledge of the PowerSports Industry. Must possess a positive attitude and love dealing with customers and servicing, refurbishing their vehicles. Professionals wanted, who possess knowledge in powersports, motorcycle repair. Shop Foreman is the supervisor for the shop environment, or the bike shop environment.

The F&I finance manager at Cedar Creek Motorsports works with our sales staff to provide guidance and experience, all the while driving results. Cedar Creek Motorsports is looking for an individual and driven finance assistant who will work closely with the Service Department in gathering, maintaining, and processing all required paperwork. Cedar Creek Motorsports is a #1 volume powersports dealer in Wisconsin, and our Freight Clerk is critical to our success, speedily & cataloging all UPS, FedEx, Freight, and USPS Inbound & Outbound parts & accessories, apparel, supports all dealership operations to support our Service Department, Retail Sales, and eCommerce Sales for customers. She partners with the Service Department to make sure that their parts and accessories needs are met quickly and promptly for Cedar Creek Motorsports customers.

Northern Californias largest PowerSports Dealership is looking for an experienced, driven motorcycle salesperson to help support our Sales department due to increased volume of sales. Cross-sell extra parts, accessories, F&I products, warranty and service contracts, etc., on all new and used vehicles. Take advantage of big savings on one of Suzukis best-selling motorcycles or ATVs.

Take on tough jobs quickly thanks to the performance and capability of the Suzuki KingQuad Utility ATV. Loaded with cutting-edge technologies and increased power, the V-STROM 1050XT takes you farther than ever. The V-STROM 1050XT blends fresh styling and technical advances with adventure-ready accessories. The brand-new GSX-S1000 has been fully refreshed, aiming to provide a thrilling new ride.

Only completed application packages in full will be considered for hire. You will work on particular brands of motorcycles, like Harley Davidson, Honda, Indian, etc., so determine what brands you are most knowledgeable of so that you can apply your knowledge. Ask questions about the job, the team, the culture — these will help you determine whether this is a role for you.